Work From Home Jobs: 18 Do’s and Don’ts for Online Entrepreneurs

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Hey.. I am glad to have you here. We both are in this online journey together. If you are looking to learn about different work from home jobs and important do’s and don’ts of work from home, you can’t afford to skip reading this valuable article. First, we will talk about the do’s and don’ts and then learn different work from home jobs.

Who am I by the way? I’m an online marketer, blogger, author and online business coach at Truth be told, I also made a lot of mistakes and learned from them in my 8 years of journey online. I am happy to share everything I learned with you so that you can recognize those mistakes and stay away from them while saving years of failures and frustration.

I know of so many people who were only slightly interested in working from home and wanted to make money online. But they never got anywhere because they did not dig deep enough to truly understand why working from home is so important. I know you are not one of them and that’s why you are here to read.

Before 18 Do’s and Don’ts of Work From Home, let me reward you with a bonus for taking the time for learning.

3 Toxic Myths About Work From Home Jobs

It’s myth-busters time, my friend! I will talk about 3 myths people believe in about work from home and why they are so wrong and dangerous. Time to re-align your perspectives and make things right 🙂

Myth #1: “I can make millions online without spending a single dollar”

I know that most of us have this mindset / belief which is so wrong and dangerous. Most of the newbies do not even take online business as a real business. Because in any business, you must invest in advance before getting profits.

The truth is, you must spend money to make money online. You must consider investing on your skills and educating your brain by learning from the experts. It may sound harsh, but it is indeed the truth.

I saw a lot of new entrepreneurs failed online and almost all of them were unwilling to get helpful paid courses that would actually help develop their skills and give proper step-by-step training. No matter what you do online, you must have professional skills. And you need to spend money to get quality training and take you skills to the next levels.

Myth #2: “I need to have years of experience to make 6-figures online”

I can totally understand why someone would believe in this as I’ve been there myself, but I have seen time and again that you must not be an expert to generate sustainable income online. Instead, what you must have is a firm decision that “no matter how many times I fail, I will try once again and never give up until I succeed.” And, you must work every day.

You do not have to fail years after years to gain experience, instead you can take the shortcuts to success by learning from those who are already experts and making millions, who became an expert after failing for years in the past.

The One Funnel Away Challenge is a good start for those who wants to create a massive online business in just 30 days while getting daily live training from top marketing experts and implementing them on a daily basis. This $100 investment can open your path to make millions online. I have accepted the challenge twice, it’s worth – TESTED!

Myth #3: I will be making millions in the first month of starting

This is SO not true. Earl Nightingle says, “Your reward in life will be the exact proportion of your contribution of service.” You shouldn’t expect to make millions when your service is worth a couple hundred dollars!

This is why most new entrepreneurs / marketer quite because they feel frustrated and worthless when they do not get their desired results. That’s why, do not aim too big at the beginning, start with a short goal and when you accomplish it go for a bigger one.


Here I am presenting to you 18 dos and don’ts of work from home and online business. The first few are focused on online business but all of them are true and vital for anyone working from home. Take them very seriously! Remember and implement them. You can also take notes and put it somewhere you will see sometimes. Let’s get started!

1.  Who not How: An online entrepreneur needs to do a lot of work that requires professional skills such as website building, funnel design, content creation, growing social media profiles, email list building and so much more. A person can never be skilled in all of these areas.

I won’t lie that I made this mistake of learning and doing everything by myself instead of hiring someone skilled to do the job for me. This blocked my business’ growth. I remember when I decided to do affiliate marketing using blog posts three years ago. I found out that I got loads of different things to learn such as creating a website, finding the right products to promote, creating blog posts, creating forms to collect email addresses, marketing and so on.

What I did wrong was to learn and do everything by myself. It took me three months to create the website as I knew nothing about it. Then, I took a two months course on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and blog writing. At the end of the year, I found out that I had not earned a single dollar. What did I do wrong? I focused on how to do it instead of who to do it.

If I hired a freelancer from Fiverr to develop the website for me, it would take around ten days only to get it ready. If I hired a few article writers to write blog posts for me, it would have been a matter of days for my blog to be up and running. I would see results in one month that I have not seen in one year. If you are truly serious about your online business and want to take it to the next level, take the lesson you need from here, focus on who instead of how.

2.  Create a home office: Success of your online career largely depend on the environment where you work. You need to create a good work environment in your home if you truly want to be successful. A messy, shitty workplace does not inspire great results! It takes no more than a clean, well decorated room to create a home office. You can find out whether you want to be successful online or not by recognizing your willingness to create a home office.

3.  Work every day: One of the most important reasons why I failed many years is that I used to stop working for a few days and start again. Then again, stopped working, and then started again. I started to see results right after I recognized this terrible mistake and promised not to do it again. You have to work every single day to be successful. Most people who fail, do not even consider online business as a business. They work for it when they feel like, and idle waste time when they don’t they feel like working. Beware of this enemy of your success.

4.  Create a daily routine: Create a daily work routine and work in your chosen time. Millionaire online entrepreneurs create a daily work routine and work in it every day, consistently. This is the secret ingredient to work and achieve more in less time. You will be able to plan your work beforehand. Remember, it is more important to work in your scheduled time than just creating the schedule. Creating a work routine is of no value if you do not work.

5.  Overcome self-doubts: Probably this one is the biggest enemy of your desired success. Know that, a person with self-doubts and fear can never be successful in anything they do. You must learn to overcome your self-doubts and fear, before achieving anything in life.

6.  Model them: Some people commit the crime of reinventing the wheel. The secret of success online is simple. Here it goes, learn what successful entrepreneurs do and model it. I said, model it (make your own version) but do not copy it. A few days back, I saw Peng Joon earned more than $56,000 in one single day by promoting ClickFunnels’ products. Why don’t you find out what he does and model it?

Peng Joon did not earn $56,000 in one day using the strategy he developed, instead he modeled Russell Brunson, founder of ClickFunnels and creator (and coach of) One Funnel Away Challenge.

7.  Invest in your skills: Most people make the mistake of getting free knowledge from here and there. Eventually see no growth and achieve nothing. You have to invest in your skills to be successful online. Remember, the online space is vast and full of million different opportunities.

Every opportunity demands a professional set of skills. For example, someone who is doing freelancing as a Search Engine Optimizer must know how to rank a web page in Google’s first page. The problem with free knowledge is that they are not pre-designed and perfectly structured.

8.  Execute your plan: A plan without action is dead. A plan is your road map to success. Every successful entrepreneur plans their work and then works on their plan. You must be very clear in your mind where you want to be in 6 months or a year. Plan accordingly and then execute those plans.

9.  Change plans if necessary, but not the goal: Another terrible mistake most entrepreneurs make is that, when a plan does not work out; they become frustrated and quit. Instead of changing that plan and trying once again. You must have a certain goal for a year or two. Where do you want to see yourself in one year or two? Think about it and decide a goal, a challenge, and never stop until you reach that goal. Create a plan as practical as possible. When you meet with failures, do not quit, change the plan and try once again.

10.  Work on one goal and strategy: Someone said, “Put all your eggs into one bucket!” He was so true! If you focus on many strategies at a time, none of them will work out well. Focus on one strategy at a time. Do not plan for many goals, instead select one goal, and be practical while deciding your goal.

There are tons of different strategies and ways to make money online. You have to choose the one best suited for you. This is also true for online marketing. You should find a good company, not there, four or five companies. When you are an experienced marketer with lots of followers and subscribers, you can promote as many companies as you like. You will know what to do. A beginner should only focus on one company, one strategy and one goal at a time.

I have shared “18 dos and don’ts of work from home” in my book Work From Home Secrets. Download it for FREE and learn all of them.

You should read the book if you want to learn the core concept behind working from home and different types of work from home jobs. It covers these areas in details. Get it here:


How good it is that you are still with me! I will not waste your time, instead I will dive right into the topic. It’s time to learn about some legitimate work from home opportunities, my friend! 🙂

Affiliate Marketing: A trillion-dollar industry where newbies enter on a daily basis to work from home. Affiliate marketing simply means to selling someone else’s products or services and earning commission doing it. There are countless number of companies seeking affiliates of promote their products. You just have to find out your Niche and then a good company to begin.

The principle remains unchanged though there are different ways to promote such as YouTube, Blogging, Email Marketing, Pinterest and so on. All of these ways and more are discussed well in my book Work From Home Secrets.

Freelancing: A freelancer is someone who acquires a professional skill – such as data entry, graphic design, seo etc – works at home and gets paid upon acceptance of his / her work. Among great number of freelance marketplaces, the best 3 in my eyes are upwork, fiverr and freelancer. Want to get a professional skill? Get it from fiverr learn.

Want to start your journey as a freelancer? This article Fiverr Vs Upwork – A Guide For Freelancer is from where you begin! There are a whole lot different types of freelance jobs. Some of the most common are:

Data Entry: If you are an expert in browsing website and collecting data, this job is for you. You must be someone who loves to sit in front of computer for hours to be successful data entry operator.

Social Media Management: A lot of companies hire social media managers online to do certain tasks in their social profiles. There’s immense opportunities available in this area.

Virtual Assistant: If you like hourly jobs, then this is for you. There are different types of jobs a virtual assistant does, depends on his skills and expertise. An VA usually gets paid hourly as per commitment with the company.

Transcriptionist: Have great listening skill in English or ability to focus on details? If yes, then this job is for you. You will be given audio or video files i.e. lectures, seminars, podcasts etc to transcript. You job is to write everything you hear in a doc file and then submit when the work is finished. You can earn $10 to $20 for an hour of work, may be more.

If you are interested to learn about more different work from home jobs, read this article top 7 freelance jobs anyone can do (no skills required). Also this one top 5 mistakes every freelancer must avoid.

Exclusive Work From Home Opportunities For Professionals

I won’t leave you until I share everything I know with you. This business opportunities are for those peoples who are highly skilled in their work-areas or profession such as Designer, Photographer, Teacher etc. If you are someone who is an expert in your profession and you don’t want to earn online as a freelancer, you can start your own open source business online.

There are many different platforms (such as Evanto, Themeforest, Teespring) where anyone can upload their contents and earn money. Most of the time, the platform does all the marketing for your contents and gets a certain amount of money, for using their platform, whenever there’s a sell of your product.

Freelancers use the freelance marketplaces (ex – to get their clients and make money online using their skills. Professionals use the following marketplaces to sell their contents.

  • Photography: If you love photography and have awesome photography skills, you can sell your photos in marketplaces like Adobe stock, Shutterstock, Alamy etc.
  • Tshirt and apparel design: If you are good at designing tshirts and apparel, you can sell your designs in marketplaces like Teespring, Bonfire, SellMyTees etc.
  • Website theme / template design: If you are someone who is an expert in designing website theme, you can sell your themes in Themeforest, ThemeCanyon, etc.
  • Online course creation: Are you someone who loves to teach peoples, a teacher? Or, someone who is an expert in creating online courses? Good news for you! You can sell your online courses in and make money doing it.
  • Music: Are you passionate about creating music? Why not take this skill to the next level? You can earn money by selling your music in LuckStock, CD Baby etc.

No need to mention that these online businesses (marketplaces) are making millions. No matter what you do, you can always make money online by selling your expertise in these marketplaces. All you need is a Google Search to find out the right marketplace for your expertise.

P.S. visit my page for my free offers and $2,335 worth bonuses!

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