Top 5 mistakes every freelancer must avoid

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How does it feel to be a failure? Bad, right? I certainly know how terrible it feels, especially at the beginning. I do believe you know this too. We all make mistakes at the beginning. But those who learn from his and others’ mistakes and experiences are the smartest ones. I’ll be sharing with you the top 5 mistakes that every freelancer must avoid at the beginning. Let’s get straight to it.

Mistake 1: Not knowing your skills

What are your skills? You should first know the types of useful services you can offer in the marketplaces. It was tough going for me at the beginning because, I didn’t know which path to take. You cannot be good at writing, graphic designing, web development, transcription – all at the same time.

If you are not good at what you offer, no one will hire you for the second time. Because everyone has value of their time and money. There’s an old saying – “Put all your eggs into one bucket, not into all buckets.” Don’t have any skill? Not to worry! First decide which path to take, and then start learning from fiverr learn. There are tons of professional courses waiting to be you stepping stones of success.

Tip: You should only consider choosing that what interests you. If you love to design and decide to become a writer instead of a graphic designer, do you think that would be a wise decision? Not at all, you would most certainly fail to achieve that what you pursue.

Focus on quick money rather than long term growth

Mistake 2: Focus on quick money rather than long term growth

Some people focus on quick money rather than long term growth which is one of the biggest mistakes one make at the beginning. There are thousands other who offer the same service that you’re offering. Buyers will only hire the one who has most experience and knowledge on the particular job. The more experienced you are; the more opportunities are there for you.

Every buyer wants to make sure that he is investing his money on the right freelancer who won’t waste his time and is really experienced. That’s why they look for a freelancer who has well-established profile with good reviews on marketplaces like Fiverr, Upwork, etc. This won’t happen within a few days. This will take months of hard work and continuous client satisfaction. So, don’t fall in the trap of the idea of earning quick money as a newbie in freelance industry. Tip: Stay Focused!

Changing your Niche often

Mistake 3: Changing your Niche often

Are you one of those who often move around from this and that? This is a dangerous mistake that one makes at the beginning. You must stick to your niche at all times. I have experience in this regard which taught me valuable lesson. First I thought I’d a virtual assistant. Later when I didn’t get enough buyer response I thought I should try doing some user testing. Later I moved to writing. All of these shifts gave me nothing but a bitter experience.

Whether freelancing or online business, you should always stick with your selected niche. Dollar Sprout earned $1,80,000 revenues in January, 2019. They started their journey in 2015. They achieved this success because they didn’t move to something else when they encountered first sign of defeat. What an achievement!!

Tip: Do some research, find out what other freelancers or online businesses are offering and what interests you most, choose your perfect niche and then stick to it.

Not doing enough marketing

Mistake 4: Not doing enough marketing

It’s not enough only having certain skill sets. Millions of peoples worldwide working as freelancers and earning their livelihood. Yes! This is a place of competition! It is very important to know how to do, and where to promote. Have you created a profile on Fiverr? If yes, this is time for you to start doing some marketing of your gigs. “Fiverr VS Freelancer – Review and Guide” this article will enrich your knowledge of these two famous freelance marketplaces & how to market your contents / gigs. You will find lots of buyers of your service on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn; start from there. Tell people what service you are offering.

Tip: You need to do marketing on a daily basis. The end result of your becoming a successful freelancer or not mostly depend on how effectively you reach and communicate your client through marketing. Also, always maintain professional and beautifully organized profiles on social networking sites.

Lack of persistence and quitting

Mistake 5: Lack of persistence and quitting

Quite frankly, it is not easy creating a lifelong self-identity in the vast web. It demands excellent skill, time, passion and determination to win. For some people it may take 3 to 6 months, may be less for others. But once you are at the peak of your long awaited self-earned success, you will thank yourself for bearing the hardships of failures and not quitting. The moment you’ll be earning $100 in just an hour only.

Tip: Don’t quit. Because success lies at the very next step from where you just gave up.

Let me pack up with a success formula of Earl Nightingale, “Our rewards in life will always be in exact proportion of our contribution.”

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