Fiverr VS Upwork – Review and Guide [Updated 2020]

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Are you someone who is interested in earning money from internet by providing useful services? I think you are! This article “Fiverr VS Upwork – Review and Guide” is especially important for you if you are someone new to freelancing, thinking about creating a profile. And if you’ve already created profile in any of the websites or both, you still shouldn’t ignore this guide because you will definitely find so many useful information – about freelancing, upwork, fiverr and other similar websites – that you probably didn’t know.

There are a number of popular online marketplaces where freelancers offer their services and earn real money. Among which Upwork, Fiverr and Freelancer are the most popular ones. But, these websites are not the same in terms of job offerings, functionality, payment systems and other. I will not only share with you the basic functionality differences between these two websites, I will also share some valuable information so that you can be prepared in advance. Plan to avoid mistakes before making them. There are Top 5 mistakes every freelancer must avoid. Learn them.

I will be sharing with you some important tips and tricks about these websites so that you can be successful in you freelance career, learn about obstacles beforehand and have no difficulties earning money online. Trust me, YOU CAN!

Differences between Upwork and Fiverr – functionality, payments and more:


This is a marketplace where you have the opportunity to create a long lasting relationship with your employer or the company. It will be very easy for you to build a career on upwork if you have the right skill.

How does Upwork employment system works?

Your clients will post job offerings in different niche and you must bid on the job offer to apply for the job. You may find other freelancer applying for this particular job too, that you are applying. I’d suggest you to always keep an eye on your particular job page for new job offers. So, how to stand out for the job? Well, this is a matter of time and experience. The more experienced you are, the more there is chance for you to get the job. Every employer takes time to check the prospect worker’s profile for many reasons. He wants to make sure that you really have the ability to complete the job and his valuable time and money would not be wasted. Employers are enthusiastic to hire freelancers with many positive reviews.

Some opportunities and threats about upword:

Quality of work: Companies trust freelancers who work on Upwork because the website always stays alert that the quality of work meets customers’ expectations.  
Job opportunity: There are tons and tons of job offerings are being posted every single day by different companies and individuals in different niches. Some of the niches are: Data entry, web design and development, photo and video editing, article writing, social media management and more.  
Sure payment: Payment is 100% guaranteed on upwork. Let me share about the way it works. Once the freelancer confirms the order, the payment is transferred from the employer’s account to a third party company called escrow. The amount will be kept there for a period of time as discussed between the employer and the freelancer. When the freelancer submits the work and the employer accepts it, the payment will be transferred to the freelancer’s account from escrow.  
Skill first: You will most certainly fail and be suspended if your mindset is – “I will create a profile first and then try to acquire skill.” You need to be an expert in your chosen niche, even before you create a profile on upwork. If your quality of work doesn’t meet customers’ expectation, they (upwork) will suspend your profile.
Professional mindset: This is so true for any freelancing website as well as upwork. You need to have professional mindset with mentality of doing hard work. Freelancing is not free money. You are doing real job investing valuable time and skills. Only difference is, you are doing the job in your home, office or anywhere you like. Famous motivational speaker and success coach Earl Nightingale said: “Your reward in life will be exact proportion of your contribution of service.”
job posting

How to bid for a job?

After you click on the job posting – I took “24 x 36 Poster Design” as an example here – you will find necessary job description and details on your screen. Let me explain what this job post says: The client is looking for an expert level freelancer; the budget is $50, etc.

After you agree with the terms and you are 100% confident that you are capable of completing the task, you need to click on “Submit a proposal” to apply for the job. Tip: Upwork gives you 60 free connects for a month. It takes 2 connects to apply for one job which means you have 30 job requests in a month for free. You can buy more connects from Upwork if you need.

job description

You will find Terms and Additional details after you click on “Submit a proposal.” You need to submit a professional cover letter with the application. In most cases, the acceptance of the job request depends on how professional your cover letter is.

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Some useful tips to write a professional cover letter:

The cover letter is the first impression the employer gets from you. It must be professional and informative. This cover letter guide can be used in any website (i.e. where a candidate needs to write cover letter while application.

Here are some Dos and DONTs to be followed while writing a cover letter:

Dos :
Try to start the cover letter with name of the employer instead of “Dear Sir / Madam.” You may find the name of the employer in the comments section of the job offering or in review section of the employer’s profile. The best way to start a cover letter is writing the name “ex- Dear John” instead of “Dear Sir.”
It is always affective to attach some of your previous work documents related to the job you are applying for. If you have an online portfolio or example of your previous work, you must attach it with the cover letter. It builds positive attitude about you in the mind of your employer.
Write in professional language. Tell him how experienced you are in this area.
Never repeat / copy paste one cover letter for many proposals. Instead take the time to write a small but unique cover letter for every single proposals.
Do not make it too long. Write a short but informative cover letter.
Do not request for the job in the cover letter. Instead, tell the employer about your experience and what you are capable of.

Example of a good cover letter:

“Dear John,

Thank you for your job opportunity. I have read your job description carefully. You are looking for an experienced article writer for your website to write a 1000 words article. I have 2 years work experience in this field. You can check out my previous articles here: Looking forward to hear from you.


Fahim Faysal”

You should send an attachment too, referring to your previous works in this niche. This is important because no client confirms a work request blindly. They first make sure that they are hiring the right candidate for the job.

upwork home page

What happens after you bid on a job offering?

Sit tight, and relax! Your client will request you for an interview or send a work order without it. You can start working immediately after reading the terms carefully. You should keep a clean, informative and professional profile because there is high chance that your client will visit your profile before sending a work order. Remember, this is a place of competition. You may not get any reply from your client after bidding on the job due to the fact that they get a lot of applications at a time on a particular job. Don’t lose hope, keep trying!

How do I get paid?

You can receive your payments via PayPal of direct bank transfer once you have $100 earnings in your account. Payments will be made at a scheduled date of every month.

How much service charge do Upwork deduct from my earnings?

Upwork will take 20% of every dollar you earn. For example, you will get $80 from a $100 work. Upwork commission will decrease as your income increases. Learn more from Upwork:


Fiverr is without doubt one of the most popular marketplaces for freelancers. Fiverr is not like Upwork or In upwork, companies post job offerings and freelancers need to bid on job posting to get the job. In Fiverr, freelancers need to create gigs of their offering and then do some marketing of the gig in order to get prospect client. Let’s dig right into Fiverr to learn more about the marketplace.

How does Fiverr employment system works?

Employment system on Fiverr is quite different than Upwork. Here, the buyers come to you instead you go to them. Create a professional gig on your particular niche. Tip: keep it simple, professional and full of useful information. You can share the link of the online portfolio of your excellent previous works in the gig description so that the buyer become interested in you. I’d strongly suggest you to create an online portfolio if you don’t have any. Sharing your previous works with the buyer increase the chance of getting the order.

fiverr upwork job posting page

Some opportunities and threats about Fiverr:

Multiple gigs: A freelancer can create multiple gigs in his / her profile. That’s why they have the opportunity to provide different services at the same time.  
Take courses from Fiverr: Fiverr offers lots of professional online courses for anyone who wants to upgrade their freelance skills. Whether it is graphic design, social media marketing, writing or any other niche of your choice, you can acquire your desired professional skills from fiverr learn.
Big market: Fiverr is a marketplace where more than 3 million different services are offered. So, what services do you have in mind to offer?
Too much competition: When you first create a gig in your particular job category, your gig will not be in the first page, or in the second or third. It may be in the last page where none of your prospect client would go. There are thousands of gigs in every category. So you need to do some marketing of your gig in social sites and have patience. Patience always wins!
Not knowing how to do marketing of gigs: This is one of the main obstacles why many freelancers fail to create a long lasting career on fiverr. The success of your career on fiverr largely depend on how well you can market you gigs. One thing is certain, you must have enough patience and you need to share your gigs every single day on popular social media websites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn so that prospect buyers learn about your gig.
Unprofessional Profile and gig: Creating a professional profile is an art. Your employers would check out your profile before placing an order. This is also true for gigs. Your gigs must be professional, clearly stating the service you are offering, your experience and other. You should do some research before creating a gig. You can always check other freelancers’ gigs for ideas.

Here’s an example of description of a professional “content writing” gig:

“Content is king! Keeping your blog or website current can be difficult and time-consuming. I will write 500-1,000 word articles for you on a variety of topics including, business, sports, media, culture, parenting, health & wellness, food & beverage, entertainment or on a custom topic of your choosing. 

All posts will be professional and well written, high quality, unique and plagiarism free. I will turn the articles around fast so you have quality content ready to go. Let me write the content to keep your blog or website fresh and up to date. 

I also do article and email marketing editing, website content for homepages, about us, services, sales writing, etc.

Any questions or requests please inbox me. Thanks and I look forward to working with you!

– Tim Crean”

Remember that the description is only a part of the gig, not all of it. My advice for you is, keep a low price at the beginning and do some research of what others’ doing.

fiverr gig description

The marketing part:

Finished creating your gig already? Awesome! Now it’s time to promote your gig. Remember, there are already huge number of gigs exist in your niche and the place your gig may be at the end. Start promoting your gig on facebook, twitter and linkedin with hashtags in your posts to attract your prospect buyers. You should know the limitless possibilities of hashtag. Do promotion of your gigs every single day!

Tips on gig marketing:

  1. Target your prospect clients with hashtags. For example, if your service is Logo design, you can use these hashtags on twitter and linkedin: #logodesign #graphicdesign #photoshop #freelancer #business etc
  2. Do the marketing multiple times each day on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook etc. For facebook, you can consider posting in different groups where you feel the clients would gather.
  3. Always provide shortened link of your gig in every post. You can take free url shortening service from different websites like, TinyURL etc.
  4. Use a cool picture with the post to attract peoples.
  5. Making same post again and again is a pain. Not to worry! There’s a solution for this problem too! You can schedule once for multiple posts using Hootsuite. There is a free version as well.

Example of a gig promotion:

Hire low rate best quality article writer:

How does the buyer order a gig?

The buyer can use one of the two ways, directly place the order or send you a message to discuss about the job before placing the order. Request buyer in the description to send you a message before placing the order. By doing this you will be sure about the nature of the job and you will have time to learn about the buyer. You surely don’t want to waste your precious time on someone who isn’t likely to pay. Tip: Try to stay online most of the time. The buyer will find someone else if you do not response fast. You can use Fiverr mobile apps for instant remainders in case a message arrives in your profile.

fiverr home page

How do I get paid?

You will receive your payments via PayPal, Payonner of direct bank transfer. You can withdraw your earning after 14 days once the order is marked as complete.

How much service charge do Fiverr deduct from my earnings?

Fiverr will take $1 for every $5 you earn, which means 20%. If someone buys a gig extra for $5, you earn $8, and so on. Learn more from Fiverr blog:

Want to create a profile on Fiverrr? Do it now.

Finally: A good review is something of value for you because positive reviews matters in freelance industry. The more positive reviews you have, the richer is your profile. If you are someone new, your goal should be primarily focused on earning positive reviews, the more the better. I wish you good luck!

– – – – –

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