4 reasons why most entrepreneur fail in online business

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A lot of people start their online business but most of them fail to achieve success. Why? Some terrible mistakes that most people make about which they’re unaware of.

Hi, this Fahim Faysal. I’m a online entrepreneur and internet marketer. Let me briefly share my story with you.

I started my online journey in 2012. I didn’t know how people make money online!! I didn’t think it was possible. I created my YoutTube channel & didn’t upload a video. 😐

I tried many things, failed countless times! I gave up. Then after may be 6 month, I tried something new, failed again & gave up. Then after a few months, I found new way of earning money online. Of course I failed, and gave up once again.

This failing cycle continued until 2017. I began to understand online business model. Hmm.. This is how google makes money! I committed to become a freelancer, learned article writing, SEO.

But, I wasn’t really happy with the amount of money I made from freelancing. So, I decided to become an affiliate marketer. One day, luckily I reached Affiliate Bootcamp landing page while surfing the internet. A FREE online course where they teach people how to create a long-lasting career as an affiliate marketer. I took the FREE course and joined their wonderful community.

This single action totally transformed my life. Later, I took another course “One Funnel Away Challenge” where they taught me how to start an online business in 30 days (step by step, from product creation to earning revenue). Now, I am earning 6 figures every month from my online business.

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