One Funnel Away Challenge Review: Brutally honest review + my bonuses [in 2020]

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The very first time I wanted to make money online was in 2012. I used to do PPC (pay per click) work on different websites. That was a long time ago. But, who am I now? Here’s a brief introduction of me.

I’m Fahim Faysal. I am an internet marketer, author and online business coach. I’m also a blogger. I worked as a freelancer for a few years. I acquired various skills such as article writing, SEO, digital marketing and more over time. Truth be told, it took a long time to earn my first couple hundred dollars online at the beginning.

After years of struggle, I finally started to make money by doing freelance jobs and started to make quite a handsome figure. Then a major set-back happened in my life. My Fiverr profile (with lots of positive reviews) has been deleted without a valid reason! After that, I wanted to make a change in my life and took a serious decision. I promised that I would start my own online business and master online marketing skill.

I knew by that time that no one can master a life-changing skill overnight. So, I was persistent. In 2019, I decided to teach as many people as possible to make money online and help them find success. Since then, I taught hundreds of online entrepreneurs and students who are now working from home and making money.

Another remarkable mistake I ever made in my career was that I wanted to figure out everything by myself. Instead of learning from the experts and implementing exactly what they say, I was taking free lessons from here and there on YouTube and tried to implement many things at a time without having a sound plan and strategy. I realized this great mistake after joining the One Funnel Away Challenge which is a 30 days live training online course.

My mindset shifted from negative to positive, overcame self-doubts and my whole life transformed in just 30 days. Things started to get in place as I was implementing the strategies on a daily basis. I understood the value of taking useful courses. Right then and there, I made a promise that I would help as many people as possible by teaching them how to work from home and make money online.

I will be 100% transparent and honest in this article. No pitching! I will only share my honest experience and opinion with you. Let’s begin!

What is The One Funnel Away Challenge?

One Funnel Away is a 30 days’ challenge from famous internet marketer and author Russell Brunson, who is also founder of ClickFunnels. Russell, Steve Larsen and Julie will teach you the remarkable strategies of selling online. You’ll receive 30 days of live training, blueprints and accountability once you sign up.

Everybody who is related to some kind of online business or online marketing, whether his own product or someone else’s – must join this challenge at least once in their life. Some have taken it 7-8 times because it’s too good. More than 39,000 online entrepreneurs took the challenge up to date. Entrepreneurs made $2.8 Billions after learning from the challenge.

Here is what you will get in the challenge…

  • 30 Days of video mission from Russell Brunson [$997 value]
  • 30 Days of coaching from Stephen Larsen and Julie Stoian [$997 value]
  • One Funnel Away customized kit [30 days plan] [$297 value]
  • BONUS: 30 Days hardcover book [$297 value]
  • BONUS: Unlimited access to 2 comma club interviews [$197 value]
  • BONUS: MP3 player [$97 value]
  • BONUS: Walk-throughs of 30 two comma club funnels [$97 value]
  • BONUS: Physical copy of the challenge workbook [$97 value]
Value: $3,126

Let me sweeten the deal. What if I tell you that you can get all of these + my $2,335 worth bonuses just for $100?

Hmm… But what will I actually learn from the challenge?

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to create an online business from scratch (Creating your own product and / or selling other’s)
  • How to create Hooks to attract social media visitors into your products / services
  • How to take your Fans, Viewers, Listeners and Subscribers and make them buying customers.
  • How to get PAID as a social media influencer and content creator
  • How to create sales message and tell stories
  • How to create offers around your products
  • How to create engaging funnels
  • Email marketing strategies and so much more

Russell will value bomb you with his 12 years of internet marketing experience into the challenge. In those 30 days of daily training, Russell teaches the fundamentals of a topic. Then Stephen explains it with his stories and Julie practically demonstrates it. So, do you accept the challenge?

The first week of the challenge is kept for boosting your self-confidence. Those online entrepreneurs who created a life-time fortune from the internet will share with you exactly how they acquired them. This will boost your self-confidence. And Stephen is there to bomb you with stories. He says: “It’s the story that you tell – sells, not the product.”

The entire “week 2” is kept for Offer creation. They’ll teach you practical ways to turn a product into offer, with many examples. You’ll learn how to create offers around a product! I loved this piece of marketing strategy! This strategy works amazingly for both tangible and digital products. When I learn this strategy from Russell, it blew my mind! As a graduate in marketing, I thought; “I learned in 2 weeks more than what I learned in 4 years in my university.”

Then in the last two weeks, you’ll learn – how to tell stories, creating sells copy, how to create “hooks” in social media to make people visit your funnel, email list building, funnel creation and so one. I knew this course would create an impact in online business world. It was worth my $100. You’re just one funnel away…

Important: You will miss the bonuses if you do not buy the course from this page!

Let me reward you with some bonuses

Don’t only accept what Russell gives you. I have some amazing bonuses for you too. I don’t know what position you hold in the online business world. May be you are someone who’ve failed countless times before. Or, maybe you’re someone who’s making money online but not satisfied with the amount you’re making, or maybe you’re a complete beginner. Doesn’t matter! “The OFA + my bonuses” are the practical game changer for peoples of every position. Let’s take a look at my bonuses:

Bonus 1:  Five Days 1-on-1 Private Coaching Sessions [value: $985]

I usually charge $197 for a 30 minutes one day coaching call. You can have my five days specifically designed private coaching [value: $985] as a bonus!

Especially, if you are new to make money online, you must join my coaching call for a step-by-step training and guideline. I cover the following areas in my coaching calls…

Value: $985

Bonus 2:  Work From Home Secrets eBook [value: $19.99]

I’ve revealed everything I ever learned in this book in my 8 years of experience online. The book contains 52 pages, 9 chapters and covers 28 important topics and strategies about working from home.

Anyone who wants to be inspired by understanding the core concept behind work from home should read this book. There are some online marketing strategies in the book that are unknown to you.

Value: $19.99

Bonus 3:  Work From Home Secrets Audio Book [value: $37.00]

Don’t like to read? No worries! You can get the Work From Home Secrets Audio Book as a bonus with OFA. You will NOT find this audio book anywhere in the internet other than this page!

Value: $37.00

Bonus 4: Personal Support For Full 3 Months [value: $899]

How would you like to have me by your side whenever you need help / assistance? Feel free to contact me any time and ask questions via Facebook Messenger or Email.. 🙂

Value: $899

Bonus 5: Facebook Organic Traffic Strategy [value: $297]

Value: $899

Bonus 6: Access To Our Private Facebook Community [value: $97]

You will get access to our private facebook group where you will find other marketers sharing tons of values every day and supporting each other. Don’t miss out!

Value: $97

Total value: $5,461

You only pay: $100

That’s fair, isn’t that! You may still say, I want to know what those who purchased the challenge say about it. You can visit OFA official review page to know:

You’ll know what those 3000+ peoples say about it among 39,000+ entrepreneurs who took the challenge. Results speak louder than words!

Have Questions? Let’s connect on Messenger 🙂

– – – – –

P.S. visit my page for my free offers and $2,335 worth bonuses!

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